It’s Time To Get You Feeling Better with Nutrition and Functional Medicine

If you have a zest for life but have been feeling blah and wondering whether there’s any hope, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Veronica Lim, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. When I was 48, I looked in the mirror one morning and felt totally lack lustre. I felt tired, my skin looked dull, I couldn’t sleep at night, I had night sweats, I felt down in the dumps, I had mild depression but didn’t know it, I had zero sex drive, and where I could once think quickly on my feet, I found myself with brain fog.

I remember the day I was talking with a few colleagues at work. This was when I used to draw up contracts in investment banking. Someone asked a question and I knew I had the answer…. but it was stuck somewhere in my brain. Instead, my 30-year old female colleague jumped right in. I had been like that!

It wasn’t something I wanted to admit to, never mind talk openly about, and that’s why so many women, like me, and perhaps like you, suffer in silence… whether it’s menopausal issues, fatigue, other hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, depression… so many women do not know that there potentially is a solution, never mind where to look for it.

I love reading and I picked up a book, thinking that maybe for the last time, I could lose those few pounds. What I discovered within the covers of that book shifted my entire paradigm. I discovered the biochemistry of food and I learnt how food is not just fuel, but also information, giving your body messages about what to do. It tells your body to stop moving, to put on fat, to have an afternoon slump, to…. you name the rest. That was my turning point. I changed my diet and found an energy and clarity I thought was a thing of the past. People started commenting on my skin and asking me what I had been doing.

Most of us are told that feeling tired or becoming forgetful are part and parcel of getting older. But we can influence how we feel and how we age, by taking back control of our health, through using food and lifestyle as medicine.

That’s how I came to spend over five years doing a degree in Nutritional Therapy, where I use scientific research to give women the tools to regain their edge and to feel sharper and more vibrant once again, using nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation.

If you’re ready to feel like yourself once more, simply use the link below to set up an initial call with me.

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STEP 1: Identify the Root Causes

Look into what may be contributing to your health challenges

STEP 2: Fix Your Food and Lifestyle

Move the big boulders that could be blocking you from feeling your best, and start eating delicious yet therapeutic foods.

STEP 3: Therapeutic Supplementation

Give your body a helping hand to get back into balance

STEP 4: Personalised Maintenance Plan

Enjoy feeling better and living life more fully

Happy women I’ve worked with

“I have exceeded all expectations.”

“Couldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement. In spite of some blips and struggles initially, I have to admit that I have enjoyed taking care of what I was eating and totally see the benefits in that. The results of the reduction in my insulin dosage, my waistline and increased in energy levels are incredible. I cannot ignore the good it has done and have made an informed choice of continuing to the best of my ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for re-educating me and for giving me the opportunity to better my wellbeing.” – Kelly

“My self esteem is improved and I’m walking my talk at work.”

“I was really surprised by what I learnt (I slightly thought I knew it all). Yes it took commitment but it didn’t take will power. When I started eating properly my food urges subsided and I found I was able to be much more balanced in my choices. I have lost 16lbs so far, I have ‘relapsed’ a couple of times, and been able to easily get back on track without the usual beating myself up and half a loaf of bread to go with it.

“My self esteem is improved and I’m walking my talk at work. The biggest change is I don’t wake up in the morning thinking ‘today I’ll be good, today I’ll make a start’ because I am already doing it and it is working.” – Ginny

“I have a lot more energy, and am feeling healthier and more alive than I have been in years.”

“I feel a lot more relaxed generally, and specifically around food: I know what to eat in order to truly nourish myself, I don’t go hungry and – most importantly – I have a lot more energy, and am feeling healthier and more alive than I have been in years. Even a holiday with my family of hungry boys didn’t dent the peace of mind I had.

To my husband’s surprise and my own delight (because I always worry about this), I didn’t put on a single ounce in 2 weeks, despite doing little more than some very gentle exercise and a lot of relaxing! I am feeling more confident, my approach to work has changed for the better (and calmer), and I am committed to making time for myself, because I now know how much it benefits me as well as my whole family. It has been an absolutely amazing journey of transformation.” – Veronique