3 Keys Landing – Behind The Food Nutrition by Veronica Lim

Discover The 3 Keys To Feeling Lighter After 40

...without having to count points, feel hungry or give up wine & carbs.

About Me! Who Am I?

Hi I’m Veronica Lim and I totally get the frustration of everything changing at 40 and not knowing what to do about it.

I know I felt like I was still eating the same as always (or even healthier). I was also exercising more too. But nothing worked.

Here's the thing: our biochemistry changes when we get into our menopausal years and we have to do things differently. It was only after I began to understand this through studying for my six year degree in nutrition, digging into the research, and working with clients to apply what I’d learnt, that things started to become clear.

Now I’m sharing this information so others don’t have to feel stuck and confused the way that I did.