Why Am I So Easily Irritated?

If there’s one thing that can really get my goat up… how did that phrase come about, I wonder, “get your goat up”…. Anyway, as I was saying, one thing that I find really annoys me, is incompetence. It’s not new, it’s something I have known from way back when. Over the last several years though, [...]

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HRT – should you or shouldn’t you?

Have you seen the spate of articles on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the news lately? If you’ve been suffering from menopausal symptoms and contemplating HRT and you’re just plain confused about all this talk, then read on. Some of the most common symptoms of menopause are: hot flushes night sweats sleep disturbances joint pains [...]

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Fatigue for over 10 years to Healthy and Energetic

Not every nutritional therapist practices in the same way. In common with nutritionists, we all care about the nutrients that one gets from food and that food can be medicine. However, as a nutritional therapist trained in the Functional Medicine approach, my approach goes much wider and much deeper. Like Sherlock Holmes, I look to [...]

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7 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight At Menopause

I have to confess that the last year has been more sedentary for me, with hours of full on research and report-writing, and If you’re like me, then you will most likely have noticed how much harder it is to keep weight off during the menopausal years. And if not, then you probably know someone [...]

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Chances Are You’re Sitting Too Much And Why You Should Care

If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you sit too much – in the car, at your desk in the office, during your commute, in the evenings after work. Even playing games these days is usually done sitting down, in front of a computer. It’s no wonder that most of us spend between [...]

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3 Quick Tricks To Make Drinking Water A Simple Healthy Habit

Most of us know that we should drink at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day as part of our good health strategy. According to the European Food Safety Authority, adequate water intake for sedentary individuals needs to be 2 liters/68 ounces per day for women and 2.5 liters/84 ounces per day for men. [...]

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Other Supplements That May Be Beneficial

In my last article on whether or not to take supplements, I said that I would talk about any other supplementation beyond a multivitamin. The more accurate term is really “multi-vitamin and mineral” or MVM for short, because it contains both the vitamins and the minerals (like calcium, boron, iodine, etc). Remember I mentioned that [...]

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Should I or shouldn’t I take supplements?

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about supplements. Some say it’s only good for making “expensive pee.” And worse still, could supplements be damaging to your health? Here’s the lowdown. A healthy diet and lifestyle must always come first. As the saying goes, “You cannot supplement away a bad diet.” Not only does [...]

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