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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help With Weight Loss and Weight Loss Resistance?

If you’re like me, especially is you too have had a history of yo-yo dieting in the past, then you will most likely have noticed how much harder it is to keep weight off during the menopausal years or trouble losing weight. Not only that, you may also have found that with each diet, the weight comes back and then some. The things that worked in our 20s or 30s and maybe even early 40s no longer have the same effect. It’s not just about “calories in, calories out” or “eat less, exercise more”. If it were, we would all be sorted. The truth is, the reasons for your body holding on to excess weight can be different for each person, which is why weight loss can be so resistant, even though you may feel that you are already doing all the right things. It’s only by looking at what’s happening specifically for you that an effective plan can be put into place.

With nutritional therapy, we will look for the root causes that could be contributing to your excess weight, and put a plan in place to address that. You will eat healthy and delicious foods to support your body, so that it can reset your weight setpoint. Together, we’ll work to get the answers you’re looking for and what you need to make positive and permanent changes.

We’ll go through a detailed history, to get a picture of what may be driving your weight gain. We will look at your life as a whole, and we’ll look at your diet and lifestyle, and any triggers, habits or patterns that may be affecting your weight, such as cravings for example. I have been there so I know what that is like.

We’ll dive right into helping you identify changes to your diet and lifestyle, and foods that can support you through this journey. You’ll eat foods that are healthy and delicious, so you’ll never feel deprived or go hungry, and we’ll also take into account your likes and dislikes. I might recommend that you do certain tests if there appears to be other things going on that could be affected your weight, such as thyroid, adrenal or liver function, or a stool test to see if there are any imbalances in your gut bacteria that may be behind your cravings.

Once your test results are returned (if relevant), we will gain a deeper understanding on what imbalances may be present and adjust your plan as needed.

The goal of your programme is to get you feeling lighter and trimmer as quickly as possible. We will review your progress on a regular basis, and adapt your programme as we go along, so that you build a strong foundation of habits and strategies that you can become a natural part of your lifestyle.

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