Balance Your Hormones

//Balance Your Hormones

What’s with these joint and muscle pains in menopause?

I was at a networking event earlier this week, and was talking to a lady who just can’t understand why she has joint and muscle pains that she can’t seem to get rid of. She loves running. And although visits to the osteopath and physiotherapist have helped, they too can’t work out why she still [...]

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Alcohol and menopausal symptoms

In my younger days, before I realised that my body really couldn’t handle it, my favourite drinks were gin and orange, rum and black, mojito (I have made a delicious Mojito cupcake before too) and oh, the cocktail I used to absolutely love. Strawberry Homicide. They served it in this cocktail bar in London, called [...]

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Why letting go of control can help in menopause

Did you know that this is the first time ever that women like you and I have had to deal with both the menopause and the modern lifestyle as we’ve come to know it? When our mothers went through their menopause, the world wasn’t as global or eternally “on” in the way that it is [...]

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What You Can Do About Brain Fog (Part 2)

Out of the blue, the words fell out of my mouth. “The Gruen Transfer.” “How did you remember that?” Jeff asked. “I don’t know. It just came out,” while inside I was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat. We were talking about a programme we used to watch on TV while we were living in [...]

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What You Can Do About Brain Fog (Part 1)

Brain fog. That was me in the early days of my degree. I’d be fully present, hanging on to every word the lecturer was saying, capturing notes intermittently as we went along. Then the lecturer would say, “…….a, b, c, d and e….” and I’d think, “Ooh, must get that, “ and I’d write in [...]

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Are you letting stress throw you off your stride?

It’s been Stress Awareness week this week, did you know? Well, today I went to the gym. But I didn’t on Wednesday. Stay with me here. In menopause, our body’s ability to handle stress is changed, such that we become more susceptible to its effects. (You may remember my explaining this a couple of weeks [...]

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The yin yang challenge

“What I see is a depletion in yin and just yang yang yang everywhere! No wonder the hot flushes and the inability to sleep properly for so many women in menopause.” So said Kyla, the acupuncturist I met up with over a coffee this week. We both agreed that it boiled down to an imbalance [...]

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The worst thing about this time next year

“Show me where you’re spending your time, and I’ll tell you your values.” I was reminded of that this week. A dear friend from the community radio station where I used to be a presenter, passed away this week from cancer. We are at that age when our health risks escalate. If we don’t change [...]

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Not Sleeping Well?

That was me all through my 40s. At 3:16 a.m. most mornings, to be exact. I’d wake up, look at the time (of course) and then get out of bed and go “prowling”. Well, that's what Jeff called it. There was simply no use in trying to get back to sleep. I’d given up on [...]

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Why Am I So Easily Irritated?

If there’s one thing that can really get my goat up… how did that phrase come about, I wonder, “get your goat up”…. Anyway, as I was saying, one thing that I find really annoys me, is incompetence. It’s not new, it’s something I have known from way back when. Over the last several years though, [...]

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