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“I have exceeded all expectations.”

“Couldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement. In spite of some blips and struggles initially, I have to admit that I have enjoyed taking care of what I was eating and totally see the benefits in that. The results of the reduction in my insulin dosage, my waistline and increased in energy levels are incredible. I cannot ignore the good it has done and have made an informed choice of continuing to the best of my ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for re-educating me and for giving me the opportunity to better my wellbeing.” – Kelly

“I feel a lot more relaxed generally, and specifically around food: I know what to eat in order to truly nourish myself, I don’t go hungry and – most importantly – I have a lot more energy, and am feeling healthier and more alive than I have been in years. Even a holiday with my family of hungry boys didn’t dent the peace of mind I had.

To my husband’s surprise and my own delight (because I always worry about this), I didn’t put on a single ounce in 2 weeks, despite doing little more than some very gentle exercise and a lot of relaxing! I am feeling more confident, my approach to work has changed for the better (and calmer), and I am committed to making time for myself, because I now know how much it benefits me as well as my whole family. It has been an absolutely amazing journey of transformation.”


“I was really surprised by what I learnt (I slightly thought I knew it all). Yes it took commitment but it didn’t take will power. When I started eating properly my food urges subsided and I found I was able to be much more balanced in my choices. I have lost 16lbs so far, I have ‘relapsed’ a couple of times, and been able to easily get back on track without the usual beating myself up and half a loaf of bread to go with it.

“My self esteem is improved and I’m walking my talk at work. The biggest change is I don’t wake up in the morning thinking ‘today I’ll be good, today I’ll make a start’ because I am already doing it and it is working.”


I decided to do this programme as both my mum and sister have experienced significant health challenges which worried me, and I wanted to take any steps I could to avoid going down the same path. So I was looking forward to doing this while at the same time, I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of results to expect. I needn’t have been concerned. The results have been absolutely amazing! I have so much more energy – my partner and I no longer start nodding off while reading bedtime stories to our bubba, my sugar cravings are gone – really gone, my eczema has cleared up (my husband’s asthma cough has just about gone too!) and although I didn’t have a need to lose any weight, I actually lost my “muffin top”. Even my girlfriends made a comment that my skin has a glow to it that wasn’t there before!

But one of the main things I never thought about at all before, was my level of confidence. Now, I manage my stress level not the other way around, I just feel so different after the programme. I’m standing tall, I’m handling work better and worry so much less. That has been the biggest surprise of all. Who would have thought that food and mindset shifts from this programme would have had this impact? All I can say is: thank you so much, Veronica and for anyone thinking of doing it, you won’t regret investing the effort in yourself, just do it! Love,